Hi! My name is Anna. I want to share with you the story behind Hey Honey!

I have a passion for local sustainable foods and supporting the farmers who grow them. The connection I have made with my food and farmers has really been the inspiration behind this lemonade. I too, wanted to create a good quality product to offer people who share the same values.

The very first batch of Hey Honey! was created by my daughter and I for a local farm event. Who knew this lemonade stand would be the beginning of a five-year journey that would sweeten the way people enjoy lemonade!

My family and I are very excited to share with you our bee~luscious line of artisanal lemonades, in three unique flavors. All made with fresh organic juices and extracts, and 100% sweetened with pure California wildflower honey. Know that every sip you take is supporting a sustainable farmer!

So we invite you to open a bottle, and bask in the California sunshine and wildflowers. Pour Hey Honey! over ice, warm it up, or mix with your favorite spirit. It’s a drink you’ll be reaching for year-round!


our mission…

We strive to support the local and USA economies, with an emphasis on sustainable ingredients, our farmers, and our precious bees, by creating a quality line of artisanal lemonades for you to enjoy as a versatile drink for all seasons!


we love what we do!


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