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Our Ingredients

From the very beginning, Hey Honey! has been made using quality, organic ingredients and continues to remain true to our intentions with every batch. The first creation was handmade in our kitchen in 2008 using raw honey from our friends at Pure Valley Honeybees and Lisbon lemons that were handpicked from the nearby Riverdance Farms. After years of selling cup by cup at local farm festivals, farmers’ markets and foodie events, our family decided to start the search for ingredients that could sustain Hey Honey’s growth into a bottle.

As we grew, we knew we had to stay true to our intentions to create a quality lemonade using organic ingredients. To this day, we continue to search out farmers and bee keepers as local to us as possible to create and sustain the best lemonade for you!

Try out our three flavors below – each will surprise you!

Honey Lemon

This is a sippin’ kind of lemonade, decadently sweetened with pure raw honey, and plenty of it. Grab a cold bottle when you want a classic lemonade or warm it up when you’re feeling under the weather.

Strawberry Basil

This lemonade that will surprise your taste buds with juicy strawberries and a hint of basil! Whether you need a sip of something sweet or want to liven up your cocktails, a little bit of this is sure to do the trick.

Lemon Lime Mint

With a twist of fresh limes and a hint of mint, this lemonade is sure to quench your thirst! Grab a bottle of Lemon Lime Mint to cool you down in that summer heat, or add it to your favorite mixer.


Where do our ingredients come from?

All of our ingredients come from farms that practice organic or sustainable methods. Hey Honey! is made with USDA certified organic and kosher lemon juice along with herb extracts from organic farmers in southern California. The organic lime juice comes from a farmer in northern Mexico and the organic strawberries are grown and pureed in Vancouver.

Why do we use honey instead of sugar?

Simply put, honey is good for you! We choose to craft each bottle of Hey Honey! using nature’s own sweetener, because not only is it good for your body and gives you natural energy, but it gives our lemonades a smoother, more decadent taste.

Why did we choose wildflower honey?

We understand the health challenges that bees face today, so in choosing wildflower honey we support bees that feed on wildflowers far from the use of pesticides. Plus, wildflower honey gives our lemonade a bold floral flavor that balances the tartness of our Eureka and Lisbon lemons.

Why did we decide to start Hey Honey!?

As we became more conscious of our food choices as a family, we naturally started seeking out farmers and food makers who created products using wholesome ingredients. We became inspired by their values and wanted to contribute to the health and wellness of a larger community!

What makes Hey Honey! unique?

Hey Honey! is the only lemonade on the shelf that is 100% sweetened with honey, with no preservatives, additives or extra sugar. Need we say more?

Where can I find Hey Honey!?

You can find Hey Honey! in health food markets, cafes, restaurants, bakeries and more around Monterey Bay and San Francisco Bay area. Use our store locator to find the nearest location to you. You can also purchase Hey Honey! online in The Lemonade Stand!